WordCamp London

I’m at WordCamp London today speaking about how I used Advanced Custom Fields to bring a little bit Photoshop-esque control to the dashboard. Here’s a quick post with links to a gitHub repo containing all the code I used and a short video demo.

Blue Notes: Iconic album sleeves recreated in the browser.

Over the last few months I’ve been busying myself trying to re-create some of Reid Miles iconic album sleeves in the browser.

Part homage and part test of my chops I was inspired by a desire to try and recreate radically different layouts from those that we see on the web everyday. My only baseline was that all the type and layouts should be fluid and responsive.

Type Jam: Neue Haas, CSS blends and the rotate property.

A quick lunchtime jam incoprating CSS blends, the transform rotate property and bold typography.

Digging in the drives: Lines

Lately I’ve been rooting through drives full of old artwork, re-connecting with formative ideas and influences

Simple line work in Illustrator was always something I loved to do so I thought I’d share a couple of pieces from my formative days as a designer and developer.